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It's easy to transfer music from a computer to an iPhone using iTunes. Whether you have a PC or a Mac, you can sync your entire music library or transfer select songs and albums. On Mac computers with macOS Catalina (10.15) or later, this is done through the Music app Open iTunes and connect your device to your computer with a USB cable. Click the device icon in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window. Learn what to do if you don't see the icon.; From the list under Settings on the left side of the iTunes window, click the type of content that you want to sync or remove Part 3: How To Transfer Music to iPhone without iTunes. To sync music from iTunes to iPhone is easy, but you'll have a variety of restrictions casted upon by Apple. Here are some common complaints against iTunes sync. Probably you are in the same awkward situation. You can only sync your iPhone with one iTunes library, on one computer Part 1. The Easiest Way to Sync iTunes Library to iPhone with iTunes Library Manager. When it comes to syncing your iTunes library with your iPhone, you may want to find the best and the quickest method to do the task. Often most methods that help you transfer your libraries are not easy to do and they have many complications Go to the General tab and select Sync Library to turn it on. If you don't subscribe to Apple Music or iTunes Match, you won't see an option to turn on Sync Library. Click OK. If you have a large music library, it might take some time to upload and sync your music library across all of your devices

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If some of your music in your iTunes library is not syncing with your iPhone or other devices, before changing your settings or uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes, you can check one thing in your music library which can tell you why iTunes may not be synching all your songs to your device(s) When you sync music to your iPhone using the default method, all the songs in your iTunes library are transferred. To make better use of your iPhone's storage capacity, only sync the songs you want to play. Follow this iTunes tutorial to see how simple it is to add certain songs and playlists from your library to your iPhone You can use iTunes to sync the items in your iTunes library to your device, as well as photos, contacts, and other info. Note: iPod classic, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle are supported using iTunes on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 • Sync music from iTunes to iPhone, iPad, iPod without limitation; • Transfer songs, contacts, text messages, photos, videos, playlists, etc. from iOS devices to computer; • Sync files to iPhone without receiving the Remove and Sync prompt and it won't wipe anything on your device without your permission; • Restore iTunes library. 2. How to Sync iTunes Library to iPhone. By following these steps, you are able to sync and transfer music from the iTunes library which is stored on either your PC or Mac, to an iPhone (or another Apple device). Step #1 - Start off by downloading the iMusic program and installing it accordingly. Download iMusic Fre

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The method by which you get music from your CDs to your iTunes library and thus to your iPod or iPhone is a process called ripping. When you rip a CD, you copy the songs from that CD and convert the music on it to a digital audio format. Saving those files in your iTunes library lets you playback or sync to your mobile device Part 1: Steps for Transferring iTunes Library to iPhone Directly You can use iTunes to sync content with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with your personal computer. If you have macOS Mojave or a Windows PC, then iTunes software is all you need to sync music, video, and other media content to your devices

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Sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod using your computer. Learn how to sync music, movies, Sync with iTunes. Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement 100% successful sync: When syncing iOS files between iPhone and iTunes, TunesMate safeguards your files knowing fully well that they are precious to you. 2-way sync: With iMyFone TunesMate, you can freely transfer iTunes library from iTunes to iPhone or from iPhone to iTunes. Preview and selectively transfer: You can choose to transfer your files in bulk, or selectively This article will recommend you the best iTunes alternative for Windows & Mac to sync music from iTunes to iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro(Max) and even won't erase your existing data. iTunes is a great program for Apple users to download, store, manage, sync and play music With ITunes, you can transfer content from your computer to iOS devices -- the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch -- to keep them synchronized. To sync an iPhone with iTunes, connect the phone to your computer with the iPhone connection cable and then select the music, apps, books, videos and other content you want to transfer

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  1. How to Sync iTunes Movies from Computer to iPhone 6 (Plus). Apple has unveiled two new iPhones, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. Along with larger screens and a completely new iPad-style design with an ultra thin body..
  2. You may have music on your iPhone that was imported from CDs or from other sources that you want to sync to iTunes library on your computer as a backup, or you lose your iTunes library, or your computer crashed and you get a new computer. iOS Devices are engineered by Apple to sync with just one instance of iTunes on one computer at a time
  3. Restore iTunes Library - It lets you restore your library from different iOS devices whenever computer crashes, iTunes corrupted, iTunes media mistakenly lost, etc. Two-way Sync - Transfer music to iPhone , as well as export iPhone music to iTunes or computer's file system
  4. What Happen If iPhone Synced with Another iTunes Library. If you sync your iPhone to another computer using Apple's tools, such as iTunes, then you may be in for a rude surprise. When you plug your iPhone into another computer and open iTunes to sync. It will pop up a window telling you that your iPhone will be erased if you continue. iTunes.

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As we all know, iTunes is a traditional tool to sync music to iPhone, whose data will be erased and replaced by those in iTunes. Therefore, if your iPhone 5s/6/7/8/X/XS is completely new and has no music in it, you can sync music from iTunes to iPhone directly Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected: Automatically launches iTunes and begins syncing when you connect your iPhone to your computer with the USB connector cable. When this box is not checked, you sync manually by clicking the Sync button in the bottom right corner If you have a large iTunes library, transferring iTunes to a new computer can be complicated. Libraries that have over 1,000 albums, multiple seasons of TV, and a few feature-length movies, podcasts, audiobooks, and more take up a lot of hard drive space I recently purchased an iPod (6th Gen, 64GB, v9.3.2) and downloaded iTunes 12. O/S is Windows-10 Pro. I have 5,600 songs in my music library on my PC. Only 3,800 transferred over to the iPod. These are CD's I've loaded and not purchases. How can I sync my entire library? Or put another way, why didn't the entire library sync? Many thanks! - S

Last year I bought a couple of albums, and now, whenever I try to sync my iPhone to my iTunes library, those albums don't sync completely (for example, a 13-item album became a 5-item in my iPhone). I'm currently using the latest iTunes version (, and I always keep checked the Sync all items option when I sync my iPhone Way 3: Sync iPhone 8/X to iTunes without Losing Data; Way 1: Manually Transfer iTunes Library to iPhone X or iPhone 8. Before you move content from iTunes to iPhone X/8, you should know that you can only sync Music, Movies, TV shows, podcasts, books and photos with iTunes, and after you sync, the existing data on you device will be replaced by. Best iPhone Transfer tool to Sync iTunes Library to iPhone Wondershare TunesGo is a revolutionary iPhone Transfer tool that allows you to manage various aspects of your iPhone. It has a simple and straight forward interface and is great for people who want to manage their phones from one central place iTunes is a platform which you can use to manage your iPhone files.You can also use this to sync files in case you want to transfer files from one phone to another. Furthermore, you can also save your music files in its library. With that, in case you have a new iPhone, you can actually transfer music from iTunes to iPhone

Every shared library will also be accessible from our iOS device. Know also, you're not limited to music on your iPad or iPhone either. You can also access whatever video files are in your computer's iTunes library. To do that, open the Videos app, and simply tap the Shared option at the top, then choose your library An iPhone can only sync with one iTunes library at a time. and what all that means. At the end I will provide 2 alternative ways of adding music to iPhone so the message above doesn't bother you any more. In most cases iTunes notifies you about the problem at the very unexpected moment. Just like in this case. You wish to add few music.

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iTunes not syncing songs to iPhone, iPod, or iPad . Run iTunes and connect your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to your PC. Once the iDevice appears in iTunes, click on it . Next, click Music on the left . If iTunes says iCloud Music Library is On, turn it off Sync music from iTunes library to iPhone X. The most common way to import music to an iPhone is by the way of iTunes. It's really simple and convenient. Step 1 Connect your iPhone X to iTunes, and click on the device icon, then you will enter your device info page, simply click on Music option

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  1. So every time you sync an iPhone to a different MAC or PC you will see a warning message popping up to indicate that you can sync an iPhone to only one library at a time. So if you decide to proceed with the sync from your iPhone and the second computer, all of the contents on that iTunes Library will be automatically replaced with the content you had on your device
  2. Learn how to sync iPod to iTunes library with the quick guide below. Besides featuring a usual iTunes workaround, we included some alternative (and faster) ways too. Long long ago, before the era of 4G Internet, before giants like 'Apple Music' or 'Spotify' - what really mattered to music aficionados was the size
  3. Part 5. Sync One Song between iTunes and iPhone Follow the guide below to sync one or more songs between iTunes and iPhone. Step 1 Connect iPhone to computer, and iTunes will start automatically. Click the iPhone icon after iTunes detected it. Step 2 Users can drag and drop the songs they need from iTunes Music Library to iPhone in the left.
  4. Using it, you can sync your songs, albums, playlists, videos, movies, etc. between your iTunes library and your iPhone. For this to work, you have to first add the songs to your iTunes library and can later directly sync it to your iOS device. Here is a stepwise tutorial on how to transfer songs from iTunes to iPhone like a pro
  5. Though iTunes enables you to transfer music songs between iPhone and iTunes Library, one thing you should know is that it can only support purchased items from iTunes store. This powerful iPhone Music Transfer as introduced in the above can also allow you to easily transfer music songs from the computer to iPhone device

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  1. First, authorize the computer you're going to sync iPhone music to iTunes. Go to Store > Authorize this Computer. Enter your Apple ID and password and then it's done. Step 3. Click the left sidebar and select Transfer Purchases from the drop-down menu. Then it will start to transfer iTunes-purchased music from iPhone to iTunes library
  2. Part 1: How to Sync Your iPod to iTunes Library. Whether it is an iPod Touch, Classic, Nano or Shuffle, once you sync the iPod to iTunes, the songs that are not in iTunes Library will be replaced and erased. In order to select the desired music files, go to the iTunes alternative solution directly
  3. Step 1: Connect your device to computer via a USB cable, launch the program and click Fix iTunes Sync Problems and TunesCare will start to repair the corrupted iTunes library automatically. Step 2: After the repairing, you can open your iTunes and sync your data as you want. Part 3: An Alternative Way to Sync iPhone 7/7 Plus with iTunes
  4. iTunes sync greyed out on Windows 10. I have 300+ songs in iTunes library on computer and wish to transfer them to my iPhone 11. After I plugged my iPhone to computer and got ready to sync music to iPhone, I found that the button Sync is greyed out in Summary
  5. Having music stored on your iPhone can really come in handy when you're stuck in a long line at the grocery store or trapped on a stalled subway line. It's quick and easy to sync music from your iTunes library to your iPhone's music..
  6. Step 6: Select Music then select the playlist you want to sync to your iPhone. Step 7: Click Apply and the photos will be synced now. Go to top. Sync Video from computer to iPhone Step 1: Launch iTunes on computer and click Movies on the left-side menu. Step 2: Click File -> Add File to Library to add videos into iTunes library

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  1. After you click the iPod button, iTunes displays the sync options with tabs for each sync options page. iTunes automatically starts syncing your iPod, and the sync status pane tells you the progress. (If you're playing music while syncing, you can switch between the sync status and playback status by clicking the up or down arrows next to the status pane.
  2. You can firstly set up a playlist in iTunes for Apple Watch and then transfer the playlist from the iTunes on computer to the music app on iPhone, or you can also sync the iTunes music to iPhone by using Music Library from iCloud. Finally, you can copy the playlist from iPhone to watch via the Apple Watch application on iPhone
  3. You sync the playlist from your computer to your iPhone's Music app-or it will sync automatically if you use iCloud Music Library. You can then copy it from your iPhone to the watch with the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. Open that app and tap Music. The Music screen has two playlist-related options, which you can change at any time
  4. How to sync iTunes playlist to iPhone 8/8 Plus/X. Apple iTunes has been redesigned, and figuring out the new interface can be a bit daunting. Adding playlists from iTunes to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod is a bit different depending on the version you are using

Decide which songs from your computer to load onto your iPad: Select Entire music library to automate the transfer of all your music.; Select Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres to pick certain parts of your iTunes library to sync to your iPad.You'll choose which items to sync. You can also select Include videos or Include voice memos to sync those things, too For syncing iTunes music to iPhone/iPad/iPod, just click Toolbox > iTunes Library > Sync iTunes to Device > Tick Music > One-Click to Device. As to how to fix iTunes when it won't sync music to iPod/iPhone/iPad, FoneTrans have done a good job iMusic - Best iTunes Alternative to Sync Music from iTunes to iPhone Easily and Safely Sync iTunes to iPhone without erasing the files . Copy Files to iOS/Android Devices. Put music, photos, playlists, videos, audiobooks and more from Mac/PC to iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Download Music from 3000+ Sites

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Step 3: The iTunes Library will pop up automatically where you can find all music, videos and playlists of your iTunes Library. Select songs and videos from iTunes Library and click on OK to sync all selected music and videos to your Samsung Galaxy S20 directly How to sync iPhone to iTunes TunesGo greatly helps to sync iPhone to iTunes allowing a few step easy way to transfer music and video files from iPhone to iTunes that are missing or need an update. Step 1 After launching Wondershare TunesGo, connect your iPhone to PC and click Rebuild iTunes Library on the home screen Here are some simple but effective techniques to sync an iPhone with iTunes on a new Mac (or more than one Mac) without erasing the apps, music, photos and other data on the phone Part 3. Sync iTunes Music to iPhone with iTunes. Definitely, iTunes is a multi-functional media manage tool which benefits number of iOS users. With iTunes, you can easily sync songs bought from iTunes Store or iTunes playlist to iPhone/iPad/iPod

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Method #1 - How to Sync Music from iTunes to iPhone Manually [iPhone 12 Supported] Of course, the first method you can try is using iTunes itself. Using iTunes, you can disable the automatic update setting, so you can handle the files on your device manually using file explorer Click Remove and Sync. All the music on your iPhone will be replaced with the music in your iTunes library. You can continue with the defaults that sync your entire library or you can select to sync only selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres. This will give you the ability to control what is transferred between your computer and iPhone Sign out from your iTunes and you'll find the option to sync music and videos. Then go to your music section and select sync entire music library and BOOM!! it will work. - Daksh Gargas Jan 6 '18 at 7:0

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This iTunes message is most common when trying to update an iPhone in iTunes where the iTunes library wasn't synced originally. It's annoying. Rather than find your iTunes authorization ID (Which only works if your backup is not encrypted) to try and force sync - simply backup your device in the new itunes library. Then, in the same. Apple does not allow an iPhone to be synced with multiple iTunes libraries, presumably because users would simply share songs with each other and lower already declining music sales on the iTunes Store. When you sync an iPhone with another Mac or PC, a warning pops up on iTunes that an iPhone can only be synced with one library at a time

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If iTunes not connecting to iPhone, check your USB port and sync cables to rule out the possibility of damage.Going through all these solutions will render useless if the real problem lies in one of these two. If you have a spare sync cable or another computer around, you will be easily able to check whether both are working all right 5) Now that we have created that playlist in iTunes, we want to load it up on iPhone or iPad and get downloading.To do so, simply launch the Music app on your iPhone or iPad. Navigate to the Library tab at the bottom, then select Playlists.. 6) Assuming you do have iCloud Music Library enabled, your newly created playlist should be there iTunes not syncing songs to iPhone, iPod, or iPad and you get the iCloud Music Library is On messages in iTunes? When you have enabled iCloud Music Library in iPhone settings and want to use iTunes on PC or Mac to sync songs from computer to iPhone, you will find iTunes won't sync music to iPhone iPad or iPod any more -- I have had the iPhone and iTunes on a windows computer, and I am frustrated with the fact I can't sync my iPhone to iTunes. It's as if my iPod isn't being recognized by iTunes. Thus, I'm unable to transfer music from iPhone to my computer. My sister have the same problem when syncing her iPod to iTunes Get safe and fast iPhone files transfer, among computer, iPhone and iTunes Library, to export music from computer to iTunes Library with ease. So, the above paragraphs introduce methods to sync music between iTunes and iPhone, to export songs to the fixed destination

Original computer crashed and entire iTunes library including the music is lost? Or just got a brand new computer and seeking a way to transfer all of existing songs from iPhone onto iTunes to rebuild iTunes library on the new machine? No matter what situation you're stuck in, this article always comes with you, helping you get the iPhone music back to iTunes in the new Mac & PC Contents. 1 Sync iBooks Between iPhone or iPad and Mac:. 1.1 Use iCloud Drive to Sync iBooks from iPad to iPhone ; 1.2 Sync iBooks between devices with AirDrop; 1.3 Sync iBooks from Mac to iPad through iBooks Settings; 1.4 Sync iBooks between Mac and iPhone or iPad with iTunes; 1.5 Sync iBooks PDF between Devices. 1.5.1 Sync PDF on iPhone:; 1.5.2 Check the Sync Preferences on Mac

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Syncios iOS Transfer can help you rebuild your entire iTunes Library based on the content and playlists on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. How to Transfer Podcast from iPhone to iTunes Easy way to transfer/sync Transfer Podcast from iPhone to iTunes within simple steps via iTunes and iPhone data transfer Part 2. Alternative Way to Sync iPhone to iTunes Library without iTunes. Or you can bypass the problem that iPhone will not sync with iTunes after iOS 11 update to sync iPhone with iTunes. Here it is highly recommended a great tool - iPhone to iTunes Data Transfer to sync data between iPhone and iTunes library Step 5: Click on Sync at the bottom right corner of the screen to let iTunes transfer playlists to your iPhone, then wait patiently for the sync process to finish. Though this method enables you to sync iTunes playlists to iPhone easily, you should note that all your songs that save on your iPhone will be replaced by iTunes playlists If sync music from iTunes to iPhone, iPod or iPad, the existing files on these devices might be erased. iMusic will avoid this by syncing music from iTunes to Apple devices freely. Step 2: Transfer music from iTunes Library to iPhone, iPod and iPad. Option 1 iTunes detects the iPhone, whenever both of them are on the same Wi-Fi network. Automatic sync occurs the moment you plug the iPhone in to power and iTunes is running on the computer. 3. Further Reading: Backup iPhone with Tenorshare iCareFone--Easy. When you are not pleased with flexibility offered by the before mentioned methods to sync new.

To transfer music from computer to iPhone SE, you should first add the songs to iTunes library and then sync them to your devices. Add Music to iTunes Library. 1. Download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer. 2. Connect your iPhone SE to computer and usually, the iTunes will launch automatically. If not, open it by yourself How to Sync iTunes Music to iPhone. Even if you are a Hi-Fi fan, iPhone is still a good choice for music entertainment on-the-go. Rather than carrying around a Hi-Fi player or separate MP3 player, you can just take your iPhone and its iTunes library with you Sync iTunes Music Songs to iPhone 8 without Data Loss. Fortunately, if you want to transfer songs from iTunes Library to iPhone 8 without deleting any song, iOS Data Manager is favored by the majority of iPhone users. With it, all the songs in your iTunes library get transferred and your data on iPhone 8 won't be erased In case the iPhone fails to sync with iTunes a greying Sync button will say its unavailability. The computer can simply reauthorized the computer with iTunes in the storage menu. Turn off iCloud Music Library and iTunes Match. iTunes will not allow syncing of music to iPhone or iCloud Music library in case iTunes Match is turned on In this article, we are providing the must have knowledge regarding the Syncing of iTunes and iPhone XS (Max). If you have a lot of your music files to your iTunes library and want to sync music from iTunes to iPhone XS (Max), then keep reading below. Part 1: How to sync music from iTunes to iPhone XS (Max

To Enable iCloud Music Library on Windows. 1. Open iTunes and click on Edit → Preferences. 2. Click on General and tick the checkbox for iCloud Music Library (or Sync Library). Depending on your library size and internet speed, it may take considerable time. You may see various cloud symbols next to the songs In this video you will see how to how to sync a new iTunes library to an iPod without having to erase the old library first. First plug-in iPod and start iTunes. Click on 'my computer' go to 'iPod USB'. On the home page, click on 'iPod control' -> 'music'. Right click on 'music' and copy and paste it on the desktop. Now go back to iTunes, go to file -> add folder to library. Have bought a new computer, then need to sync iPod to new iTunes Library for migrating all content on iPod to iTunes ? It could be the main reason for people to sync iPod to new iTunes library. However, take care: everything on your iPod might get erased during the process, if you have already sync your iPod with another computer

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So the problem probably occurs during the transfer from iTunes to iPhone. The user manually syncs ringtone with iTunes, so he/she is able to select the ringtones they want to sync. iTunes will sync media files together in one sync, when users sync ringtones to iPhone, they will get music synced as well How to sync new iPhone with old iTunes library If you have a totally new iPhone without any useful data on it, you have two options to sync your new iPhone with an existing iTunes library. One way for syncing is by using USB and the another way is by using WiFi, but only if your iPhone is in the same WiFI network with your computer Sync iTunes Music Library to iPhone X Samsung Galaxy Android Repair. Loading How To Share/Transfer Music From iPhone Music Library via SHAREit (Without Computer) - Duration: 5:50 Part 3. Sync iTunes Library to Huawei P40/P40 Pro with Google Play Music. Google Play Music provides cloud storage for up to 50,000 songs. Therefore, you can sync you songs from iTunes Library to Google Play Music cloud then download it from the cloud when switching to a new phone. Follow detailed instructions below

Part 1: How to sync videos to iPhone with iTunes You should have known by now that iTunes isn't just an app that takes care of all your music needs in your iOS devices and computers. Music, photos, and videos are just several of the files that it can sync with your iPhone. To sync videos, follow these steps: Step 1. Make sure your iTunes. What it actually does: Erase the iTunes media only, nothing else is erased. For example, if you have a large music library on the iPhone and click on the Erase and Sync button, that music library will instantly vanish, but all of your contacts, photos, apps, customizations, and other media remains untouched on the iPhone How to Sync iPhone Ringtones to iTunes Library via iTunes. For copyright issue, iTunes only supports to sync or transfer purchased items from iPhone, iPad or iPod, including ringtones from iPhone. It means that if the ringtones from your iPhone were not purchased on iTunes Store, iTunes will not sync or transfer iPhone ringtones to iTunes library Now, you can sync your iPhone with iTunes. For instance sync contacts to iPhone with iTunes, go to the Info tab, and then check the box next to Sync Contacts With, and select a proper option on the dropdown menu, click the Apply button at bottom. When prompted, decide to Merge or Replace contacts on your device Here in this article we will show you how to sync your iPhone 5 with multiple Mac computers at a time. There are two parts in this article: Part one will show you how to get the iTunes Library ID from your main Mac computer.Part two will show you how to modify your subordinate Mac computer to use the same iTunes Library ID so that you can sync them

You can move your iTunes library to a different folder, computer, or drive. Here's how to do it, even in macOS Catalina, which ditches iTunes for the Music app You can also transfer music from iPhone to computer using MobiMover if you need to.. Part 3. 8 fixes to iPhone won't sync with iTunes after iOS 11 update. When you have a problem like iPhone won't sync with iTunes in iOS 11 or iTunes won't sync music to iPhone in iOS 11, you can follow the seven practical solutions to have a try How to Sync iPhone Data to iTunes Using iTunes. iTunes enables users to share different contents to iTunes from iPhone X/8 Plus/8/7 Plus/7/6s Plus/6s/SE and all other iOS models, including albums, songs, movies, TV shows, books, playlists, ringtones, reminders and etc. In this part, you will learn how to use iTunes to sync iPhone files to iTunes When you want to put songs into your iPhone/iPad, you add the songs to your iTunes Library and then sync them after connecting your iDevice to the computer. Incidentally, for new iOS users, this appears to be the only method but that isn't so. You can actually copy songs from your computer to your iPhone/iPad without using an iTunes library Sync iPhone with another iTunes library One can choose to SD card to act as the default sync path for files transferred to android devices or idevice. One will be required to follow these simple steps. Step 1. Launch iTunes, and click on setting on iMusic

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Go to the Preferences tab of the software and then set the iTunes library (It will enable doubleTwist to Access iTunes Library to sync). Now, connect your Apple phone with doubleTwist using WiFi or USB cable option. Once connected, press on the sync now button and wait to get the process finish. Disconnect your iPhone from doubleTwist If iTunes can't sync photos to iPhone, you might need to check your iPhone, computer or the photos you are preparing to sync. Follow the 5 solutions in this passage to troubleshoot and solve this problem Today we are going to discuss a topic about how to Sync iTunes on a PC and to phone it may either Android phone or iPhone.And most of the users are struggling a lot to sync iTunes with their PC and their phone device let us discuss and fix the solution to over from this type of issues Solution 2 - Sync iTunes Library to iPhone/iPad/iPod with Professional Tool. With this Coolmuster iOS Assistant (Windows/Mac), you can easily sync files from iTunes library to iPhone/iPad/iPod without worrying that your synced files will replace the saved files on your device

Incomplete or faulty installation of iTunes and of other components related to iTunes; Corrupt or damaged iTunes library or iTunes software; Outdated iTunes software and other related components; Fake or faulty iOS USB (lightning) cable; No setting up the iTunes sync featur Part 2: Official way to sync music from iTunes to iPhone XS As stated, the above-mentioned methods are enough to carry out the process of music transfer from iTunes to iPhone. However, if you want the official and accepted way to transfer music to iPhone XS then use iTunes This iPhone iTunes sync application can easily help you to transfer iPhone videos, messages, photos, music, audiobooks, and more to iTunes, and vice versa. With its help, you are able to rebuild iTunes library in a few clicks. dr.fone is available for Mac and Windows users in iPhone iTunes sync The tools you'll need to transfer iPhone music to iTunes. iPhone 7. USB cable for your iPhone 7. One Windows/Mac computer. iTunes. How to sync music from iPhone 7 to computer with iTunes. Before beginning, firstly you need to download and install the latest iTunes to your computer to make sure your iTunes completely compatible with your iPhone 7 If you don't want to buy ringtones or use the ones that came with your iPhone, you can create your own with iTunes. This process changed a bit with iTunes 12.7. The Tones library you could previously sync with your iPhone has been removed, but you can still manually place ringtone files on your phone

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